walking dead characters and swan queen took my heart.

mostly: twd, ouat & orphan black

"Snow perks up, looking like she’s two minutes from planning their now-legendary Enchanted Forest wedding".

stop flirtling derek pls, you make stiles jealous.

ob meme || [6/9] outfits
     ↳ Delphine’s horse shirt

Anonymous said:
I saw your post about wanting to like captain swan but the shippers spoil it? I understand what you mean but I'm just here to say we are not all like that! Some of us are quite nice :) just ignore all of them thats what i do! Im in my own little captain swan bubble amongst other things hahah hope i havnt bothered you! Bye x :)

Nah, you don’t bothering me at all! Please come off anon, I really want to talk to you. Thanks for the message tho!

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emma swan + teasing captain hook and enjoying herself

i really want to like captain swan but